Bianca Modo | VIP Intensive

The Exciting VIP Intensive Experience


Your Brand Includes: 

  • All the basics needed to start your business. 

  • The hard work and goal setting you invested to appeal to your audience. 

  • Your desire to achieve success. 

The Reality… 

  • Your brand is lacking conviction. 

  • Your clients are few and far between. 

  • You are not conveying a message of powerful and transformative leadership. 

What Do You Do? 

This is where the VIP Intensive session can transform your brand, your leadership and your business! 

What is the VIP Intensive? 

If you feel stuck, burned out, overwhelmed and without direction, the VIP Intensive is for you. During the session we explore the biggest struggles pertaining to your brand. The program will include a complete personal makeover, delightful lunch and workbooks to keep you on point and ready to effect change. 

Your determination and your life path have led you to this point. Now it is time to recognize your inner passion and to align this with your strength and ability to become a transformative leader. 

Your VIP Intensive Package to Best Complement Your Brand Strategy:

 5a. Complete Personal Brand Makeover (Hair, Makeup, Color & Body Analysis)

Experience the Wardrobe Capsule Collection. All looks are carefully hand-picked to save you time & money. I believe that everything, from your presentation to your communication, is an expression of your personal and professional brand. Start with a complete personal brand makeover and feel the difference when you convey your interests and leadership style. 

5b. Build Your Brand Story

When we work together to create a brand story, it is a structured and a professional approach.

  • I can help you create your very own brand pitch to appeal to your audience. 

  • Develop a true signature offer with my proven strategies. 

  • We focus on lead magnet creation including FB Ad creation. Technology is an important part of creating an impressionable and well-recognized brand. 

5c. Brand Photography 

I help you create an impressive and truly professional brand presentation. This includes 5 stylish looks, 150 edits, a complete photo gallery, makeup & hair included. 

5d. A Completely Tailored Package for Your Needs

Speak to me. In consultation, I will learn about your specific brand interests and needs. Our customized package helps us design a brand strategy specific to your requirements and preferences. 

Contact Bianca Modo VIP Intensive to start your journey today! 


VIP Intensive Half-Day Strategy Session

Would you like to work out your most pressing brand issues in person with Bianca? Then the VIP Half-Day Strategy Session is just for you! 

“I want you to be inspired to reach into your soul and pull out your purest form of passion. This session is the connection between you and that recognition.”

Includes Breakfast/Lunch and Workbook!

Let's get clear on your brand and business!

3 hrs



VIP Intensive Full-Day Strategy Session

Do you want to get even MORE done? Spend a full 6 hour day with me in my Atlanta office and let’s take your brand and business to the next level!

Includes Pre-arrival Questionnaire (so you can arrive ready to work), Lunch, and Workbook

6 hrs


Choose Your Biggest Brand Struggles

My VIP Intensive has been created for the influencer, entrepreneur, CEO and all leaders who dream of achieving transformational leadership, credibility and positive, powerful change within organizations. No more waiting for things to happen. Build your brand today and the most effective way, with the expertise and best kept secrets presented by the one and only Bianca Modo. 

“The unique and determined leader seeks powerful strategies to make their mark. I am the one to help you build your legacy.”Bianca Modo.