Brand BuildRetreat 

The exciting branding retreat with Bianca Modo creates exceptional experiences for every leader. On Bianca’s Brand Build™ retreat, you will receive everything you need to brand yourself and pursue an incredible marketing strategy that will attract your clients or audience. From brand development and image consulting to a step by step guide needed to create effective brand strategy. 

The branding retreat will take place across 3 days in which we explore brand build strategies, transformation and empowerment through leadership. 

Do Not Miss Out On This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

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  • Choose Your Location

  • Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

  • Spa  

  • Dinner with Bianca

  • Complete Personal Brand Makeover (Hair, Makeup, & Wardrobe)

  • Wellness & Wealth Coaching

  • Tailored Makeup Kit

  • Tailored Skincare for Men or Women

  • Wardrobe Capsule Collection (All looks hand-picked to save you time & money)

  • Build Your Brand Story, Create Your Brand Pitch

  • Create Your Signature Offer & Signature Brand

  • Lead Magnet Creation

  • Marketing & Sales Systems (Invoices, Contracts, Scheduler, etc)

  • Brand Photography (5 looks, makeup & hair included)

  • 12 Month Action Plan (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  • 12 Month Social Media Plan

  • Logo & Business Card Design

  • Choose Website Creation or 60 days of Social Media Content 

  • Facebook Ad Creation

  • Leadership/Executive Training

  • Discover Your Authentic Leadership Style

Have the ultimate intimate branding experience with Bianca. Get help transitioning your brand from being bland to portraying powerful leadership. Be pampered in luxury as Bianca crafts done with/for you strategies to help you have a stronger impact in your industry.

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The Authentic Brand Strategy Starts with You 

The incredible retreat provides unparalleled professionalism and advice that will help you take your brand build campaign to new heights. Bianca Modo is the leading transformative coach and speaker with exceptional accolades under her belt. You will leave her retreat with the knowledge, power and the motivation you need to conquer your goals and reach your desired successes. 

  • The retreat is about techniques to brand yourself and create lasting, positive impressions 

  • Create leads and automated marketing systems to attract and work with your dream clients and customers

  • Create a brand strategy that makes you stand out in your industry 

  • Learn how to maximize your leadership potential in ever-changing and competitive markets 

Let Bianca’s Brand Build™ Retreat focus on the development of your brand and image that is not only impressive but powerful as well. The change starts with you. For this reason, the Brand Build™ Retreat is designed to help you achieve impressive results. 


  • 2 Night Stay at Luxury Retreat Location Domestic or International

  • All Meals & Light Bites

  • Workbook

  • Website Design/Update or Content Creation

  • Massage & Facial

Sample Schedule

Day 1

8am Breakfast

9am Prayer

10am Session One: Build Your Brand Story

12pm Catered Light Bites & Pressed Juice

1pm Session Two: Marketing Automation, Signature Offer & Leads

5pm Free Time

7pm Dinner with Bianca

Day 2

7am Breakfast

8am Hair & Makeup for Photoshoot

10am Session Four: Photoshoot

12pm Catered Light Bites & Pressed Juice

1pm Session Four: Signature Look & Capsule Collection

7pm Dinner with Bianca

Day 3

8am Breakfast

9am Spa (Massage & Facial) with Bianca

12pm Lunch & Social Media Strategy Session

2pm Press Kit, Getting Speaking Engagements, Signature Talk

5pm Depart

Join the 3 Day Retreat! 

If you do this alone, you will easily spend:

  • Photography with Published Photographer (Half-day of shooting): $500-2,500+

  • Brand Strategy/Positioning: $500-2,500+

  • Brand Style Guide: $2,000-5,000+

  • Copywriting (5 standard website pages) & Email Copy: $3,000-5,000+

  • Website Design: $1,000-4,000+

  • Website Development: $4,000-8,000+

  • Professional Business Coaching: $6,000+

Bianca’ Brand Build™ Retreat

Regularly $18,000

Get all these done for you and with you strategies in a 3 day weekend. We will leave no stone unturned. When you pay your deposit, I will contact you and we will discuss your location and book your Luxury retreat location. This is a unique branding experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

For a limited time, 10 clients will pay:

$10,000 + Your Travel to Location