Let’s Work Together! 

If you are career-oriented and in the process of developing a brand but lack leadership skills or getting stuck, unable to achieve your goals, I invite you to work with me to achieve your every success. 

Allow Bianca the privilege to work with you as you transform your inner influence, create powerful leadership and produce a stunning brand. 

Bianca Modo | Work with Bianca

1:1 Brand Coaching 

VIP Intensive Half-Day Strategy Session

Would you like to work out your most pressing brand issues in person with Bianca? Then the VIP Half-Day Strategy Session is just for you! 

“I want you to be inspired to reach into your soul and pull out your purest form of passion. This session is the connection between you and that recognition.”

Includes Breakfast/Lunch and Workbook!

Let's get clear on your brand and business!

3 hrs



VIP Intensive Full-Day Strategy Session

Do you want to get even MORE done? Spend a full 6 hour day with me in my Atlanta office and let’s take your brand and business to the next level!

Includes Pre-arrival Questionnaire (so you can arrive ready to work), Lunch, and Workbook

6 hrs



Image Consulting 

As a leader, you need a brand and that brand is communicated in your appearance, behavior, and communication. The Bianca Modo Image Consultancy offers personalized branding portrayed in your attire through research into your industry and profession. 

See Our Image Consulting Services to Learn More

Bianca Modo Strategy Sessions

The strategy sessions have been created for every entrepreneur, consultant, executive and anyone who wishes to discover successful leadership. 

What is the Bianca Modo Strategy Session?

The strategy sessions presented by Bianca Modo introduce aspiring brand leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, executives and all who wish to achieve their purpose and career-oriented goals. 

The coaching and inspiring lessons help transform the positioning and the credibility of leaders for far-reaching influence and every success. The purpose is to rapidly progress within a career or to transform the organizations they work within. 

At the End of My Lesson You Will: 

  • Feel inspired and truly empowered to start the next step towards reaching your purpose and goals. 

  • Experience a sense of renewal and positive outlook on life to facilitate the desired change in your life. 

  • Focus on becoming a strong leader to achieve your career goals and facilitate envisioned change within an organization. 

Bianca Modo | VIP Intensive Session

Online Consultation

Let’s Get Clear About Your Brand and Business 

The web-based consultation with Bianca introduces interested clients to a 30-minute session exploring the strategies and importance of professional brand development. 

Become part of my online consultation today for only $97. 

Private Coaching Packages

My private coaching packages are available for those who wish to receive focused and personalized brand development, image consulting and more. Let us work together on overcoming obstacles and reaching your every success. 

Luxury Brand Retreats

Join me on a luxury brand retreat. To be the very best leader and make valuable decisions, you need to be aligned physically, spiritually and mentally. My retreats help you get clear on your business and professional goals while rejuvenating your mind and body. 

Discover Just How My Brand Retreats Can Provide What You Need